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Chico's FAS is an American women's clothing and accessories retailer founded in 1983 on Sanibel Island, Florida. The company was founded by Marvin and Helene Gralnick and is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. Chico's FAS operates four brands: its namesake Chico's store, White House Black Market, Soma and TellTale. As of October 2019, Chico's FAS operated 1,376 women's clothing stores in the US and Canada, and sold merchandise online. Merchandise was also sold through franchise locations in Mexico and U.S. airport locations.

On June 2020 an angry costumer wrote a review for Sitejabber about how Chico`s sucks: Very disappointed as still waiting for order from 25th May with no help with when my order will be shipped. I have messaged numerous times as they are Birthday gifts and I gave time to receive the order. Its an automated response which has informed me it was suspended then will be sorted then no date can be given. Its been paid for and using Covid19 as the excuse is nnot suitable. My worry now is for a refund. I don't mind if I'm told the items are not available or given correct dates I have never written a bad review anywhere so shall I put my annoyance down to the Covid19 situation!


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Picker (Former Employee) says

"started with chicos in Nov. 2011 through a temp agency on a 3-11:45pm shift-became permanent part time employee in March 2012, then sent to a 5pm-3:15am shift in a different building to become full time. management changed hands many times worked throughout covid19 crisis in DC2 returned to DC1 and was sent to receiving where I was informed I was now required to carry 50 pound boxes from a line to various pallets repeatedly - which I NEVER agreed to. I'm a 59 year old woman-with arthritis and I am supposed to be a 'picker' but chicos fas has adopted the policy that all employees do all jobs-without any extra compensation whatsoever- and there were unsafe conditions which I pointed out to the supervisor in receiving who stated that they are safety violations but did nothing to change/correct - so I finally just had no choice but to quit (I do think they wanted me to quit so that a temp could take my place as temps do not get benefits, paid time off, holiday pay etc and they can save money that way) They say you can advance but the ones who get promoted are either related to or close friends with those already in management positions I worked alongside some awesome, honest, good hardworking people. Some management tried to be fair but ALWAYS showed favoritism. If you go there to work you should keep your resume updated and handy because it simply never gets better. And sometimes you don't get your hours and yet shortly after are told you must work all these weekends in a row. When you question this 20 hour week followed by a 50+ hour week you are told 'for business needs'......some amazing people still work in the distribution centerthe amazing people are always looking for a better job and leaving"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Awful. They treat there sales help horribly. I had a boss who said to me and I quote- I don't like you but the customers do. I could go on and on! Very fickle people.noneeverything about the company."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Overall, my experience working here was unsatisfactory. While no job is ever easy, it became cumbersome with mismanagement and lack of conduct of character. The culture I experienced was one of unease and dread. I was appalled by the behaviors allowed to proliferate there in such an unabashed manner. While I do not believe this review will be taken into consideration, this company is not one of growth. Be wary! - A typical day was to hide from management. - I learned that moving up the ladder was/is an arduous process. - Management was of bullying and intimidation than uplifting. - The hardest part of the job was not to walk off the premises. - Most enjoyable time was when I finally left for good.A paycheckminimum wage, lack of breaks, part -time, inconsistent schedule, on call job, stress high, commission based/low"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The customers were great. This was not a job for the shy. To sale you really had to be a people person. I was hired by a different manager (my mistake)when she left the new manager wanted sales associates to fit her liking. She lacked leadership skills, and didn't know how to effectively handle employee concerns so the store was covered. Many employees left or were fired. She also manipulated sales."

Management Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is the low down on this company...They reward people that are dishonest and get rid of people that rock that boat... For what you will have to do the pay is ridiculous"

Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"At 1st when I was hired I was excited to be able to help a more mature all the way to senior client base but the nature of the company and the management are to use you because they're tired So they get the management pay but share running the store essentially. Very hard as an African American to move of especially African American female very outdated company"

Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Pasadena Paseo Location The worst, they expect a part time manager to do the ASM Managers position without the pay! The part time sales leads are expected to do the same job functions as asm with out the compensation."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Chicos from 2016-2019 and had a horrible experience. The store manager is extremely prejudice towards black women staff and customers included. She constantly accused black women of stealing and had associates follow them around the store. She also pits employees against each other to cause drama. The current assistant manager was allowed to circulate rumors which caused many problems. They were also consistently breaking policy and not coming to work. I would not recommend anyone to work here especially the Waldorf location.Bullying, prejudice, toxic work environment"

Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management she didn’t communicate much wish she was a better manager she was in her office all the time complaining about her health and had everyone else do her work for herOk discountsNo overtime"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor there was super rude. Rude to the employees as well as to the people who came to shop around the store. On manager would make racist remarks toward shoppers."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Manager of the store was a workaholic who set unreasonable goals and attempted to bully sales personnel into selling customers clothing they did not ask for or need. It was all about the money!Discount on clothing"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are not a Caucasian female you will be overlooked for advancement and proper training. Not only that, but work long hours with pay that could only be described as permanent poverty placementClothingShort breaks, no opportunities"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company is such a joke. They do not value their employees at all. Bonus system is pitiful. Not to mention the fights between employees trying to steal customers away from other employees."

Materials Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"After over 2 years of putting up with toxic personalities and teams that throw each other under the bus, after moving people into areas they did not know, and the entire team either leaving or getting cut, I could not say enough about how disappointed in the upper management’s inability to affect the change needed to recruit and retain the talent needed to turn the tanking business. Additionally, there was never any strategic business plan shared with anyone there, so as things keep changing, everyone there is kept in the dark as to what the actual goal is."

Assistant Store Manager - Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management lies! Hostile environment! Harassment and threats on a daily basis. Manger and DM comitted fraud. Falsified records. Worst company to work at.NoneToo many words I cant mention."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company has very bad management. Always a lot of drama and a lot of stress put onto associates. Work is not distributed evenly and favoritism plays a large role in that."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Went from full time to literally no hours at all, they treated me like a mule doing all the work they didn't want to do or spend 4 hours pacing back and forth to greet the non existent customers that came in, the other employees would talk about me in another language, no commission basically, had to do an overnight once a month.NoneThe whole job was a con"

Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"I don't know what you want me to say, in my experience they are horrible. Upper management has no clue what they are doing bit the little guys get the back lash They suck Happy now"

Omni Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A fast past, stressful workplace. The hardest part is not knowing of changes to assist customers. The company is not diverse and fair in promotions and pay. The most enjoyable part is my co-workers.employee discountstress"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Underpaid, taking advantage of people separate to have a job with benefits. The pay does not balance with the amount of responsibility and the incentive does not balance with the push to sell and make numbers that are out of reach. Beyond the pay is the job culture and atmosphere in store, the drama, the accusations and threats by managers causes employees to quickly exit before their reputation is tarnished and their career sabotaged beyond repair. Yes, its retail but this culture parallels working with vipers hoping not to get bit.plenty of low level jobslow pay, high pressure, stressful, unrealistic sales goals"

TMac says

"Horrible experience ordering Christmas gifts for my mom. Spent hours online trying to get items gift boxed w gift messages, system wouldn't save and I had to keep doing the order over. Online chats were not helpful solving the problem. Eventually got the order placed, then Chico's overcharged me for the gift boxes. Spent another hour online trying to get that fixed. Days later, got an email saying the order wouldn't arrive until after Christmas. Spent yet another hour on the phone w customer service trying to solve that problem. Good news is items have arrived -- BUT NOT 1 of the 6 items is gift boxed!!!! I spent all that time (and was overcharged) for a gift boxing service (G-d forbid they could actually wrap something for $7 an item!) in order for my father to not have to wrap presents because of his severe arthritis. Spent another hour w customer service on the phone for them to say they could refund me the charge for gift boxing. Well, duh, you can't charge me for something I never got. What are you going to do for all my aggravation? Put on hold again for ages - to get 20% off a FUTURE ORDER?! Are you kidding me? Why would I ever order from Chico' again? I would give them a 0 if I could."

eileen reilly says

"I ordered velvet leggings on 12.11 on Chico's website, which, when ordered, were allegedly available in my local store for pick up. Having heard nothing, I stopped by the store today to find out that they not only did not have my size in the store but that they knew nothing about the order. I then had to go back home to get my gift card and return to the store since today was the last day the leggings would be available at the sale price. I then had to re-order the pants thru the store and was given conflicting information about the delivery date--which is either that this was the last day to ensure Christmas delivery with free shipping or that it would take 14 days, which would be well after Christmas, the date I planned to wear this item--they could not explain why the delivery information was different. So, when I got home, I emailed customer service and got an automated response saying they were too busy to reply and that I should call customer service. After waiting nearly 30 minutes, I got the rep to whom I explained that I thought since the initial order, which would have arrived in time for Christmas, was mishandled and since I had to make 2 trips to the store to re-order the leggings, I thought Chico's should expedite the shipping at no additional charge to me. She proceeded to tell me that it would be at least 10-12 business days before I receive the leggings and that she could not expedite the shipping at no additional cost since I had already placed the order. In short, she was of no help whatsoever and if I could give zero stars, I would. Eileen"

Tracey Island says

"steer clear of this place I can't believe its still up and running. Terrible experience last December item ordered it stunk like it had come out of a bin and was nothing like the item I had ordered cheap and very nasty and unable to contact them or query ended up giving it to the bank to deal with"

Barb says

"I constantly get phone calls about their promos or making an appointment. I know I’m not the only one I have friends that complain about the same thing. Sometimes these phone calls are weekly. I was there January 2020. I asked to have my membership to be completely deleted. I only shop at the Redmond store. Never again. I know my friends don’t appreciate it either. During a pandemic they are getting phone calls. How insensitive. I believe the sales assists Elaine"

customer says

"Chico's used to have chic takes on current styles and well-crafted clothes. The patterns used to match across seams, the patterns used to extend to the back of the items, the materials were of good quality. There used to be color-matched or coordinated separates that would make an outfit that were all available for sale at the same time. Color names were dependable to be the same color across pieces. That has deteriorated significantly. Same prices, but now cheap fabrics, especially see-through whites, coordinating pieces are not available at the same time. Patterns are not matched. Stitching is sometimes pulled instead of flat. Chico's clothing used to be worth the higher price for the tailoring and quality. Not any more." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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